American Sunset

by The Tressels

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AMERICAN SUNSET is a Tressel six pack and
the first installment of THE AMERICAN TRILOGY

This brief yet compellingly personal set of songs finds The Tressels perfecting the sound they've developed over the past six years

heartland rock

psychedelic riffs

post-punk energy

pop song-craft


released October 4, 2011

Butch-lead vocals/electric guitar/acoustic guitar/banjo/ukulele/bass
Dirtman-lead guitar/slide guitar/electric guitar/acoustic guitar/vocals
Mickey Reds-shaker/tambourine/jingle bells/vocals
Time Bomb Tom-drums/vocals
Chris Margarite-drums"I'll Be Staying at The Raven"
Dan McGlinchey-vocals "Wolves" "Tell Me a Secret" "Priscilla"
Brian Von Uff-vocals "Wolves" "Tell Me a Secret"

Produced by Dan McGlinchey
Recorded at Mill Street Records (Clifton, PA)
Engineered by Dan McGlinchey, Bob McGlinchey and Brian Von Uff
Mixed and Mastered by Dan McGlinchey

I Write Better Songs Than You/Strings Break So Do Hearts (ASCAP)
copyright 2011



all rights reserved


The Tressels Pennsylvania

The Tressels turn personal and professional tragedies into earnest anthems about hope, addiction, betrayal, love, loss, nostalgia and regret played by life long friends who hold onto the heroic (or idiotic) notion that rock & roll is still a noble pursuit ... more

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Track Name: Wolves
I don't expect your mercy
I don't expect you to be sweet
No I expect you to hurt me
I accept defeat

Lord, tell me where did we go wrong
I been out here way too long
And I will sing a joyful song, when the wolves come
Track Name: I'll be staying at The Raven
I take donations, I take your pills
I test your patience but I pay the bills
Things could get worse and they probably will oh yeah.
I heard you were Jesus, turns out you're not
You're an empty bottle in a parking lot
And that's a sad thing to believe in but it's all we got oh yeah.

So I know that we're over
I don't know why you'd care
But I'll be staying at the raven you can reach me there

Well I think of you every time the breeze blows in
Cause you don't know nothin' about the wind
The hurricanes will come and wash away our sins oh yeah.
I take donations, I take your pils
I test your patience by I pay the bill
Things could get worse and they probably will oh yeah

So I know that we're over
I don't know why you'd care
But I'll be staying at the raven you can reach me there
I'll be staying at the raven you can meet me there
Track Name: Cold Blue Eyes
How come your honor fades, but your armor never rusts?
How come your promise breaks, but your vertebrae won't budge?
How come the dullest blades always make the deepest cuts

But I won't rake your leaves
No I won't cut down your trees
Honey I don't work for free I never have

Cause your cold blue eyes; They told me lies

How come you never stayed yeah you always had to run
Remember the night you claimed that you don't love anyone?
Well I loved you and I stayed true but it was not enough

But I won't beg you please
No I won't get on my knees
I've got no apologies I've used them all

Cause your cold blue eyes; They told me lies

And I'm not lonely I've got plenty of friends
But I can't depend on any of them
Track Name: Tell Me a Secret
I start making my wish at 11:10, it's a long one I gotta get it all in
And I mention you in parts of it; For health and wealth and all that shit
And maybe I can quit cigarettes next time

I look at the clock
Ten minutes gone by
Only twelve hours 'til I get another try

So won't you tell me a secret don't keep it to yourself
Tell me a secret I won't tell no one else
If you keep your secret, and I tell you mine
Then we'll keep our secrets 'til the day we both die

I invited all the girls I've wronged to come and hear me sing this song
And the only one that showed her face said "I know a quiet little place, won't you follow me cause I got a lot to say".

I tried to forget what she made me remember
It was so long ago people still wrote letters
Track Name: Wilma
My name is Cyrus
I ride the rails
I don't receive much courtesy from these young females
I came to Vancouver
To settle down
And find the love that left my home a ghost town

You look surprised to see my face
I know you thought you had escaped
But I've got a couple friends who keep their ears to the ground
Can't you hear those footsteps now..

Wilma, don't listen what your papa told ya
You know I'm gonna love ya anyway
Wilma, you know that I'm gonna love ya
I'm always thinkin' of ya, everyday

Your papa's pistol can't beat my knife
I killed 100,000 men in 100,000 fights
Tell all your lovers you love 'em so
Watch who you're sleepin' next to cause he's the first to go

You look surprised to see my face
I know you thought you had escaped
But I've got a couple things that I just needed to say
Don't you try and get away..
Track Name: Priscilla
You're down in a hole that's big enough for two well I'd follow you down if you asked me to, and everything I've seen through cracks in the door it changed me that's what I think they left 'em open for.
So I thought about my mother and father's bills yeah I thought of mixing vodka with NyQuil.
And I thought of having faith and I thought of having patience but kids today have no imagination.

Well I used to have a charming opening line, yeah I used to have a real good time.
And I was not afraid of defending what was mine, yeah I used to have a real good spine.
But unfortunately, it's gonna be my epitaph, even though I've written several drafts.
And when my family reads it, they're just gonna laugh cause some things you write that you just can't take back.

So take your bad music and take your bad drugs take your last name change it back to what it was.
And train your replacement make sure she gets enough information so you don't look dumb.
Cause we all come frozen, hard to open, so you have to let them thaw. And we have no instructions just a whole lot of buttons, so you have to push them all.

I've got no desire to be the best
I just wanna be your bullet-proof vest
They had to take your child and the heart from your chest
I'll prevent them from taking the rest