American Midnight

by The Tressels

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The Second installment of The Tressels AMERICAN TRILOGY finds this veteran band once again exploring themes of hope and hopelessness with its trademark roots-rock swagger

AMERICAN SUNSET was a creative resurgence for this veteran band and its founders Butch Fullerton and Brian Dirtman

SUNSET was embraced by local press and radio with the band earning the dubious distinction of BEST BAR BAND IN DELAWARE COUNTY from WXPNs John Vettese

A title the band agrees is both hard earned and well deserved

For Butch and Dirtman American Midnight is a reflection of a life in the trenches of rock & roll

The pair began playing together fifteen years ago, throughout high school, and the majority of their twenties

They were playing smokey clubs and hell-hole dives before they were old enough to drive and they still take the stage with the same energy and enthusiasm they did when they were teenagers

But The Tressels are no longer teenagers

they live in different states
hold down full time jobs
raise families
but still slug it out in bars

because as with any calling there are sacrifices to be made

When The Tressels reached out to their fanbase for help to contribute to a Kickstarter campaign to help finish American Midnight

The outpouring of generosity proved their sacrifices were not in vain, and their goal dollar amount was far exceeded!

AMERICAN MIDNIGHT comes along FIFTEEN years after Butch met Dirtman in the Drexel Hill Middle School jazz band room

SEVEN years after the band vowed to play only one gig and then break up

ONE year after starting a new chapter with THE AMERICAN TRILOGY

and as the title suggests.......



released November 17, 2012

Butch-lead vocals/electric guitar/acoustic guitar/handclaps
Dirtman-lead guitar/12 string/mandolin/lap steel/slide guitar/string arrangement/electronic beat production/organ/glockenspiel/e-bow/acoustic guitar/handclaps
Mickey Reds-shaker/tambourine/handclaps
Fuzz Floyd-bass
Time Bomb Tom-drums/vocals
Dave Heagerty-electric piano "Autumn"
Dan McGlinchey-handclaps & shit

Produced by Dangerous Dan McGlinchey and Flyin' Brian Dirtman
Engineered by Dan and Bob McGlinchey at Mill Street Records (Clifton, PA)
Mixed and Mastered by Mike Tarsia (South Philly, PA)
I Write Better Songs Than You/Strings Break So Do Hearts (ASCAP)
copyright 2012

For Mark



all rights reserved


The Tressels Pennsylvania

The Tressels turn personal and professional tragedies into earnest anthems about hope, addiction, betrayal, love, loss, nostalgia and regret played by life long friends who hold onto the heroic (or idiotic) notion that rock & roll is still a noble pursuit ... more

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Track Name: Motel Bible
I found a prayer, stuffed in a bible in a motel room, on the side of the highway when we were young, thought the worst was behind us. The only ones to turn coal into diamonds.

Let's go back to place where we know we are loved. They can't do what we do and that's why they hate us
Track Name: Nothin' But Your Love
Let's runaway before we get much older
Kids can raise themselves look I turned out ok
I know you're hurt, but I really need the work I'm not wearing a clean shirt today
So promise me that you'll keep sending letters, if and when you ever break free
But don't lie to me and tell me it gets better
Some people just don't got no destiny

I cut school cause it was boring
I cut you cause you ignored me
And I don't want nothin' from you but your love

Let's runaway, this town keeps getting smaller
Can't tell if it's my fault or if it's always been this way
Let's get away, from our so called friends, they wrote me off yesterday
Track Name: My Brother Called
Well I found my love in the trampled grass
And I didn't know then that it wouldn't last
Cause I tore my heart right off my sleeve
And I gave it to you and you gave it right back to me

I don't wanna do this alone it's too hard
I don't wanna come to the phone it means you're too far gone away yeah
The ones that I defeated I could never convince them to stay

Well I had hope, yeah I had it all
Then I woke up, saw my brother called
So I ran out, my shoes untied
And they brought you back but I sorta died

I don't wanna do this alone it's too hard
I don't wanna come to the phone it means you're too far gone away yeah
The ones that I needed I could never convince them to stay
Track Name: Autumn
The whiskey leads to talkin' and the talkin' makes me sad.
And the sadness leads to cocaine, and the cocaine killed my dad.
Well I just wanted to tell you you were the best I ever had.
But I promise not to tell you when I've been being bad.

Hey I might be autumn I'm as yellow as the leaves, but you don't get to come and go as you please.

I had a lover in the city, but she left town, and I wonder what'd happen had she stuck around.
I'm not saying that I would be married to her now.
Cause and alright life with an alright wife is all wanted anyhow.

Hey you might be autumn you are colder than the breeze.
But you don't get to come and go as you please.

I don't know your story, but I really need a friend.
So won't you introduce me to your white elephant.
Everybody leaves but they'll come around again.
With bigger boots to ruin your garden.
Track Name: The Other Night
When I die you'll find a safe, the combination is your birthday.
I have no valuables, just consonants and vowels on a page.

Cause everything worth selling, I had sold it already
Everything worth forgetting, I had forgotten already

Some things in life can't be replaced. I have no other family.
You and I we are the same, guarding the bathroom at bad parties.

The other night it was great, even if every night is the same.
The other night it was great, just to see you
Just to see you
Track Name: Rock & Roll Dreams Come True
I have come for your compass.
I have come for your map, so baby give me all of your treasure.
Give me all of your trash.
Now someone else can hold you better, am I just holding you back
I would trade a piece of your leather, for a piece of your wax.

I still live in your basement, at least I do in my dreams where I hesitated to kiss you, c'mere I'll show you what I mean.
If you leave don't take me with you, leave me here as a ghost.
"Has it really been forever?" says the one I love the most.

I spend my days forgetting, regretting all the things I'll never say.
But this house is abandoned, we can turn our amps up all the way.

I'm ashamed of the things I did, but you can't blame me I was just a kid.
I was young dumb and vulnerable, I almost joined the carnival.

How'd we get on this train it's the last train out of here.
And I won't turn around until this town disappears.
Well I knew it would be lonely I didn't think it'd be this cold.
Now it's too late, we're never gonna make it home.